A pioneer in alternative procurement methods. 

Over the past decade, Lane has been a national leader in design-build (DB) and public-private partnership (P3) methods of project delivery.

We have been at the forefront of the DB model, successfully participating in more than 70 DB projects ranging in scope from $1.5 million to $2.3 billion. We understand the importance of partnering to make the DB process a success, and have partnered on teams that have constructed more than $4 billion in DB projects in the last decade. 

As an industry leader in P3 and alternative financing, we are committed to partnering with agencies, investors, and the public in developing win-win solutions for incredibly complex transportation initiatives. We believe that P3s and alternative financing can move projects forward faster to address the growing mobility needs of the nation.

In addition to successfully completing DB and P3 projects, we also have one of the nation’s highest success rates in shortlisting for DB and P3 project pursuits, which solidifies our position as a major competitor in these markets. 

Public and private owners, designers, and all other project stakeholders can be assured that partnering with Lane provides them with a highly credible contractor who is ethically responsible, cost-conscious, and innovative. We believe in transparent communication with no hidden agenda, and we stand by our handshake, which is in line with our value of Honesty and Openness and makes us a preferred partner for DB and P3 projects.


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