Rail, Metro, & Mass Transit

For over a century Lane and its parent company, Salini Impregilo, have been reducing space and time by moving people in a sustainable way. We are known for a groundbreaking series of firsts around the globe and we will use this knowledge to move America towards a more sustainable future. 

Beneath the Earth

With more than 200 contracts throughout major U.S. cities, we have taken part in the construction of subway lines to help reduce commute times, hydraulic tunnels to supply water to drought-ridden areas, and redesign entire sewer networks.

San Francisco, Las Vegas, Washington, D.C., and Portland are just some of the many U.S. cities that have benefited from Lane’s expertise in the tunneling and water infrastructure sector, supporting their goal to be more environmentally sustainable.

All Around Us

We are all making memories, and making dreams a reality. We all know the feeling coming home brings. We know all this because we were there for all of it. This is why we put such care into every road, every train track, every runway, every bridge. In every project we do, we are Lane. We build value.

By the Numbers

We’ve been building America since 1890. With our global experience and excellence proven by extraordinary results, we build value in the infrastructure sector to improve life for current and future generations. What lies ahead? We’ll let you know. Because we’re the ones paving the way.

We Are Lane

Roads, bridges, tunnels, dams, and railroads are just some of the projects that we build in a sustainable way. That’s what we’re good at, and we’ll never stop doing it. We are Lane. Moving America since 1890.