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Photostory: Gerald Desmond Bridge

In October 2020, Lane and Webuild delivered the iconic Gerald Desmond Bridge to the Port of Long Beach, California. The Gerald Desmond Bridge Replacement Project is a major milestone for Lane and Webuild, celebrated for being the first cable-stayed bridge ever constructed in the State of California. It boasts the highest vertical clearance for cargo ships of any cable-stayed bridge in the country and serves as a thruway for the newest generation of efficient cargo ships. The new bridge, exceptionally more earthquake-resilient than its predecessor, will be the first cable-stayed bridge outfitted with 74 accelerometers by the California Geologic Survey to measure seismic activity. It was designed with additional traffic and break down lanes to accommodate rapidly increasing traffic volume, and includes a bicycle and pedestrian path with three scenic overlooks of the Port and the surrounding areas. Learn more about our newest contribution to sustainable mobility.