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The I-275/I-4 Downtown Interchange (I-275 DTI) in Tampa was originally designed in the early 1960s to accommodate 60,000 vehicles per day. Today’s traffic is nearly 200,000 drivers each day causing a need for substantial reconstruction to deliver overall operational and safety improvements.


Lane has teamed up with DRMP Inc. (DRMP) to provide the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) District Seven (D7) with an experienced and award-winning design-build team for the I-275 DTI project. The project improvements will enhance driver safety by constructing higher volume ramps, improved roadway geometry, dedicated local exit ramps, and updated signage. The project also includes noise barrier walls, tree and vegetation preservation, replacement of greenspaces, walking trails, and other aesthetic improvements. When the project is completed, not only will roadway safety and travel times improve, but the interchange will better serve in its role as a main hurricane evacuation route for the greater Tampa Bay region.

Construction is anticipated to begin in early 2023.

Benefits/Positive Aspects to Community:

  • Enhancing driver safety
  • Improving travel reliability
  • Replacing greenspace and walking trails
  • Adding new technology at crosswalk locations to promote pedestrian safety

Technical Highlights

  • Constructing higher volume ramps
  • Improving roadway geometry
  • Six bridge widenings
  • Constructing dedicated local exit ramps
  • Updating signage
  • Replacing noise barrier walls