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This project widens 9 miles of (Charlotte Outer Loop) from four to six lanes, from I-77 to US 521 (Johnston Road) in Mecklenburg County, NC. An additional inside lane will be added in each direction and will be constructed within the existing right of way.


The project also includes a new flyover bridge from US 521 North to I-485 West, construction of an auxiliary lane to the outside shoulder of westbound I-485, and the widening of existing bridges. The project’s primary purpose is to increase system capacity and improve efficiency on I-485 for local and regional traffic.

Technical Highlights

The MOT phasing involved strengthening the outside shoulders in order to shift traffic onto the shoulders and free up space in the median. Once Lane moves traffic back on inside (during Phase 3) we will resurface and overlay all the outside lanes and shoulders.
Lane constructed an innovative median access ramp at Westinghouse Boulevard to allow the construction crews to move material safely to the I-485 median without affecting interstate traffic.