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Lane’s $260 million highway contract in North Carolina focuses on final improvements and upgrades to the I-77/I-40 Interchange in Statesville, NC in Iredell County. This forward-looking project is designed to decrease traffic congestion and improve safety, according to the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT).

Reduced GHG emissions from concrete by being the first North Carolina DOT project to use Portland-Limestone cement
Recycled content low carbon rebar used
Relieving congestion and meeting 2035 expected growth in vehicle traffic increases.


Lane was selected as the best value proposer for the design-build (DB) contract to widen both the interstate highways of 40 and 77. The total widening for both highways is approximately 7.4 miles long. A partial turbine interchange at the two interstates will be designed and constructed to improve the system connection. The interchange will feature high-capacity, high-speed ramps. Construction began in the spring of 2019; the project is estimated to be completed by mid-2024

Technical Highlights


  • Widening of I-77 for approximately 3.6 miles – median barrier separated
  • Interchange modification at Broad Street
  • New dual bridges at I-77 over I-40
  • New bridges at I-77 over Fourth Creek; US-64 over I-77; and Broad Street over I-77 in Statesville
  • Two new ramp bridges over I-77 at the turbine interchange


  • Widening of I-40 for approximately 4.0 miles – median barrier separated
  • Bridge widening of I-40
  • New bridge on I-40 over Fourth Creek Tributary
  • Bridge demolition, existing bridges on I-40 over closed ramp from US64