We work to protect and enhance the environment.

Lane is committed to operating and conducting business in an environmentally responsible way. Environmental stewardship rests within every level of the company, from management to trade workers and everyone in between. 

We collaborate with industry organizations as well as our customers, partners and subcontractors to improve environmental performance in our industry. We are active participants on environmental committees, implement recognition programs within the company, and establish best practices at on our projects.


Our Environmental Management System

We operate in accordance with our well-established Environmental Management System (EMS), a framework based upon the Organization for Standardization (ISO) 14001 to ensure our environmental efforts are structured and comprehensive -- we even received an ISO 14001:2004 certification for our EMS on the I-91 Bridge Replacement project in Vermont.

Our EMS goes beyond maintaining compliance and continually evaluates environmental impacts from operations, establishes improvement objectives and targets, and evaluates performance and effectiveness of the EMS program.

Supported by Environmental Experts

Lane’s environmental program is managed by personnel dispersed throughout the company who specialize in the environmental requirements and responsibilities of the operations in their geographic region. Environmental personnel work together with project staff to maintain compliance, build awareness and culture, and to bring about improved performance in all areas and levels of the company.

Environmental Policy Statement