We walk the talk.

Integrity is one of Lane’s core values – we are committed to acting beyond reproach in all matters and to doing what is legal, moral, and ethical. We adhere to a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics that assures we are always making appropriate decisions.

We encourage compliance with our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics by offering a variety of training resources like LanEthics University, an online resource that provides ethics and compliance-related training materials to employees throughout the company.

Ethics Hotline

An ethics hotline (1-877-LANE-999 or 1-877-526-3999) is available for employees and subcontractors to confidentially report, without fear of retribution, any suspected ethics violations for investigation. All calls are confidential and anonymity is completely up to the caller.

Founding Members of CIECI

As a founding member of the Construction Industry Ethics & Compliance Initiative (CIECI), we are dedicated to promoting integrity and ethical conduct in the construction industry.


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